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being understood that, as soon as Félise had wrought order out of chaos for a second time


, Martin should consult with Fortinbras, his bankers, his solicitors and other eminent adv


isers. They resumed their evening visits to the Café de l’Univers, where Bigourdin and M


onsieur Viriot sat as far apart as was consonant with membership of the circle. On meeting


they saluted each other with elaborate politeness and addressed each other as “Monsieur?/p>


?when occasion required interchange of speech. Every one knew what had happened, and, as


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every one was determined that the strained relations between them should not interfere with his own personal comfort, nobody cared. The same games were played, the same arguments developed. A favourite theme was the probable action of the Socialists on the outbreak of war. Some held, Monsieu

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from confessing     to Bigourdin s
uch innocence in business affa


r Viriot among them, that they would refuse to take up arms and would spread counsels of ignominy among the people. The Professor at the Ecole Normale, allowed to express latitudinarian views on account of his philosop

irs. “If I did not think i


hic position, was of opinion that the only safeguard against a European war lay in the solidarity of the International Socialist Brotherhood. “The Prussian drill-sergeant,” said the Mayor, “will soon see that there

t would be as safe here as in


is no solidarity as far as Germany is concerned.” “We have no drill-sergeants. The sous-officier is under the officer who is under the general who is bought by the men we are so besotted as to put into power to pla

the hands of the British Governm

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y into the hands of the enemy. Our Socialists will cleave to their infamous principles.” Thus declared Monsieur Viriot, who was a reactionary republican and regarded Socialism and Radicalism and Anti-clericalism as pu

ent, I would not make the suggesti

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nishments inflicted by an outraged Heaven on a stiff-necked generation. “The Socialist will betray us,” he cried. “Monsieur,” replied Bigourdin loftily, “you are wrong to accuse the loyalty of your compatriots. I

on.” Martin started uprigh

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am not a socialist. I, as every one knows, hold their mischievous ideas in detestation. But I have faith in the human soul. There’s not a Socialist, not an Anarchist, not even an Apache, who, when the German cannon s

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ounds in his ears, will not rush to shed his blood in the defence of the sacred soil of France.” “Bravo!” cried one. “C’est bien dit!” cried another. “After all, the soil i

  • . “My dear friend, I know that,” he cried ingenuously, horrified
  • lest he should be thought to suspect Bigourdin’s good faith. ?/li>
  • 癆nd you would no longer wear that costume.” Bigourdin smiled a
  • nd waved a hand towards the dress-suit. “Which is beginning to
  • show signs of wear,” said Martin. He glanced down and caught sight of
  • the offending splotch of grease. The quick association
  • of ideas caused a vision of Lucilla to pass before his eyes. He he
  • ard her rich, deep voice: “We meet in Egypt.” But how the deuce
  • could they meet in Egypt or in any other Lucilla-lit spot on the

earth if he start

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s in the blood,” said a third. Monsieur Cazensac, the landlord, who stood listening, said with a certain Gascon mordancy: “Scratch even a Minister a

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nd you will find a Frenchman.” And so the discussion—and who shall say it was a profitless one?—went on evening after evening, as it had gone on, in

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some sort of fashion conditioned by circumstances for over forty years. On Christmas Eve came Félise, convoyed as far as Périgueux, where Bigourdin

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ed inn-keeping with Bigourdin, and tied himself down for life to Brant?me? A chill ran down his spine.

met her trai

n, by the promised man from Cook’s. It was a changed little Félise, flushed with health and armoured in sophistication that greeted Martin.

like,” said h

?said Bigourdin, recalling him to the petit salon. Martin had an inspiration of despair. “I should

Her first pr

eoccupation was no longer the disasters that might have occurred under helpless male rule during her absence. “I’ve had the time of my life